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​Straight-shooting candor places facts face up on table.  Insurance choices facilitate delivering personalized coverage.    Customer service is delivered as promised - before & after It Happens.   Since 1985: (1) GUYMON AGENCY has represented De Smet Farm Mutual Insurance Co of South Dakota; (2) De Smet Farm Mutual contract has identified our sales territory as South Dakota; (3) The De Smet Companies have paid $27,000,000+ to claimants on behalf of our customers.  Since 1985, GUYMON AGENCY office phone number has been 996-7132.  Since 2003, GUYMON AGENCY customers have paid $1,000,000+ in annualized premiums to the De Smet Companies.

Disclaimer: Our agonsouthdakota.com website does not alter, amend, restrict or expand anything expressed or implied in an insurance policy issued by an insurance company that Earl Guymon, Craig Guymon, Ronette Guymon, Blake Guymon or Guymon Agency LLC is appointed to represent. ​​

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Our insurance services are offered in southeastern, southcentral and central parts South Dakota. Our insurance services are provided in a manner similar to when milk was delivered to homes and handshakes meant something to nearly everyone. Reliable, timely, convenient and confidential customer service. In order to avoid burning daylight, personal visits on customer turf are set based on convenience with the windshield time on us. We are only a phone call, text message or email request away.

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PO Box 547  Platte, SD  57369
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Since 1985               996-7132

Craig Guymon         999-0110
Ronette Guymon    999-6068
Blake Guymon        999-6456

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​​Country Roads Run Two Ways

The compass guiding us along the high roads and keeping us out of the ditches are our core values. Integrity, honesty, candor, courage, fortitude, confidentiality, fairness, respect, compassion and humility; earn, maintain and retain the trust and confidence of family members, friends, co-workers ... and customers.  ​​

If you have your insurance with another agency that represents the De Smet Companies, we encourage you to continue to consult with your current agent. 

​​If you are not a De Smet Farm Mutual policyholder, we invite you to contact us with a phone call, text message or email request for a packaged farm - ranch - home - auto insurance quote. 

If you are a current Guymon Agency customer, we thank you for providing us with the opportunity to continue to earn your trust and confidence! We look forward to serving your insurance needs over future decades.

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